Sq3R Method

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SQ3R Method

Apply the SQ3R method (survey, question, read, recall, and review) reading technique to one of the following excerpts in Keys to Effective Learning: p. 193 (Ch. 7), p. 217 (Ch. 7), or p. 225 (Ch. 8).

Use Appendix H to describe the actions you took in each step of the process.

Answer the wrap-up questions.

Post the completed Appendix H as an attachment.
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Appendix H

SQ3R Worksheet

Selected reading: p. 225 (Ch.8).

Survey| Describe the value of surveying the reading. The value of survey reading is to understand the big picture of the piece of writing and be able to explore from there.| Question| What questions did you ask as you were reading?What happens with solid waste?How much waste does a house produce?What are the different ways people get charged for trash services?| Read| How did surveying and questioning help you read better?Pretty much my questions were answered right away by survey reading and helped me to understand the concept of the material.| Recite| How did you decide what parts of your reading you needed to recite? I decided that the parts that answered my questions needed to be recited because those were the things I needed to learn from the reading.| Review| How often do you plan to review?I would just go back a one time to review the reading in this case since it was only a page and was very easy to understand.|

Wrap-up questions: How successful was the SQ3R process in helping you grasp the concepts in the section you selected? Will you use SQ3R in the future as a way to master the content in academic readings? This method is actually good, it makes it very easy to understand the concept of a reading piece very quickly, I will definitely use it again.

SQ3R Method
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