What Is Sq3R Method

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The SQ3R method is a widely used technique that helps improve reading comprehension and retention of material (reading skills unit 4). This method has five parts Survey, Question, Read, Recite and Review. -------------------------------------------------

The first step is survey; get the best overall picture of what you’re going to study before you study it. You have to understand the overall picture first. The next step that fallows is questions. -------------------------------------------------

Questions should lead to emphasis on what, why, how, when, who and where of the study content. Try asking yourself questions as you read and try answering them. Ask yourself what you already know about the topic. -------------------------------------------------

The third step is read, always keep in mind that underline, italicized, bold print words have a special focus or meaning. Reading is to find the answers to the questions that you or your instructor has asked. It would be a good idea to slow down your reading when you’re learning new material. -------------------------------------------------

Next you would recite either out loud or internally when reading. Writing down questions taking notes on the material you’re going over. The best way to recite something is explaining it to someone. If you can’t recite it then you don’t know it. -------------------------------------------------

Final step is review, when you review you should retain the material. Develop an overall concept of what you have read and put it into your own words. You want to review your material on a daily basis. -------------------------------------------------

The SQ3R has showed me how to study more effectively. You have to follow them step by step otherwise your outcome isn’t that great. Which is what I was doing but now I know what the steps are and plan on using them. The benefits you get from knowing the steps are that you become...
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