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IUP Applied Research Lab Workshop

SPSS to APA: Making SPSS Automatically Format Tables in APA Style J.J. Roth (ARL Graduate Assistant) November 10, 2011

• • • • Create a variable and input data Create a table for editing Edit the format of an SPSS table Create a template, or “TableLook,” that aligns with APA guidelines • Apply the TableLook and view the reformatted table • Change the default TableLook in SPSS


SPSS Default Format


APA Table Format


Create a Variable

• Open SPSS • Under “variable view” create a new variable – – – – Give the variable a name. Set decimal places to zero. Give the variable a label. For this example, suppose we asked people to predict how many games the Steelers will win in the 2011 season 5

Input Data
In the “Data View” tab, enter values for your variable


Create a Table for Editing

• Create a frequency table using the drop-down menus
– “Analyze” > “Descriptives” > “Frequencies”

Create a Table for Editing

• Drag your variable to the “Variable(s)” column (or use the arrow) • Click “OK” 8

Editing the Table

Right-click on the table, then select “Edit Content” > “In Viewer”


Editing the Table

• Right-click on the table again and select “TableLooks” • A “TableLook” is a template that tells SPSS how to format your data tables 10

Creating a New TableLook

• Select “CompactAcademicTimesRoman” from the list of TableLook files [1] • Then click “Edit Look” [2] , which opens the “Table Properties” screen 11

Creating a New TableLook

• In the “Cell Formats” tab, adjust the font to 12-point [1] – You must adjust the font separately for each element of the table listed on the “Area” drop-down menu [2] – Additionally, when you are adjusting the “Title” font, also de-select the 12 bold option [3], select the italic option [4], and left align it [5]

Creating a New TableLook

• Switch to the “Borders” tab [1] in the “Table Properties” window • Hold down the “Ctrl” key and select “Top inner frame” [2] “ Bottom inner frame” [4]and “Data area top” [5]in the “Border” menu • Change the line style to a single, thin line (the next-to-last choice) in the “Style” box [3] 13 • Click “OK” [6]

Creating a New TableLook

• In the “TableLooks” window, click “Save As” [1] • Use the “Look In” bar [2] to select a location – Make a note of the location, as you will need it shortly – If you are using a public IUP computer, such as in a computer lab, make sure to save the TableLook to your H: drive rather than the computer’s hard drive 14 Then name the TableLook [3] and click “Save” [4]

Applying the TableLook

• Click the “Browse” button [1] and use the “Look In” bar [2] to locate and select your saved TableLook [3] • Click “Open” [4] • Then click “OK” [5] in the “TableLooks” window 15

Completed Table

You should find yourself back in the SPSS output viewer with a table that now reflects APA style guidelines 16

Changing the Default TableLook
If you would rather not make these changes every time you produce an SPSS table, you can change the default settings so that SPSS automatically uses the APA TableLook you created.


Changing the Default TableLook
• In the SPSS data window, select “Edit” > “Options”


Changing the Default TableLook

In the “Options” window, select the “Pivot Tables” tab [1], and then click the “Browse” button [2]


Changing the Default TableLook

• Use the “Look In” bar [1] to locate your saved APA TableLook. Select it [2], then click “Open” [3] • Back in the Options window, click “Apply” [4] and then “OK” [5] • All future tables will be produced in APA format 20

Other Resources
• The slides from this presentation and past ARL workshops are posted at the ARL website: www.iup.edu/arl – Click on the “Recent ARL Workshops and Handouts” link

• This presentation was adapted from a post by Jeremy Taylor on www.statsmakemecry.com


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