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Sports Marketing: A New Perspective

Abstract Paper Submission

Title: Sports Marketing: A New Market Perspective

Suhail Pawaskar

Abstract Paper Submission for


Sports Marketing: A New Perspective

Abstract Paper Submission

Sports’ marketing is basically concerned about how marketing strategies are carried out for sports related products. In our contemporary world, due to globalisation every sports company is trying to expand its business to new countries so as to gain the first mo ver advantage. When the sports are already very popular in a particular country, all conventional and traditional ways of marketing turn out to be successful. On a different note, when sports itself is new to the people, it gets very difficult to devise marketing strategies for it. In that case, a very different and innovative approach is to be followed for the promotion of the unknown. Hence, it is very essentia l to understand the prerequisites for marketing the products of sports which is very new to the majority of th e people in the market. There are a number of factors which affect the marketing of new brands and if the brand is Lifestyle sports brand then Custom er Target groups needs to carefully analyse to create a different positioning of the brand in the minds of the customer. The aim is to create a monopoly in the minds of the customer by fighting the battle in the mind rather than a physical fight. In order to truly position and market a brand, it is very necessary to do a complete analysis of the Identity of the Brand involving Physique, Personality, Relationship, Reflection, Image and Culture of the Brand. The promotional strategy has to be in sync with what the brand stands for and which needs of the consumer it caters to.

Marketing Plan: Everyone has a passion to pursue one sports or the other. Each one of us aspires to be an ambassador of our favourite sports. However, this passion is not converted into the...
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