Sports Injuries: Breaking Bones And Brain Damage

Topics: Concussion, American football, Traumatic brain injury, Brain, National Football League, Injury / Pages: 2 (275 words) / Published: Nov 9th, 2016
Injuries! In Sports!
People say that sports can hurt you, and and they can, but how? Injuries from sports can hurt you or people by breaking bones, causing brain damage, or hurt children if they play high-impact sports at a younger age. In the first place, breaking bones and brain damage are two of many causes of sports related injuries.
A 17 year old boy Hortonville junior, says “He knew the helmet-to-helmet collision was a hard hit,” and shook it off. The problem is- he did not know that he got a bad injury, meaning that you can get hurt badly and not know it until problems occur. Although the NFL denies that there is a link between sports and brain damage, this has been proven wrong that you infact can get brain damage if you play sports.

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