Head Injures in the Nfl

Topics: Traumatic brain injury, Concussion, Neurology Pages: 3 (989 words) Published: June 21, 2013
Stephanie Medina

Cause and Effects
Head Injuries in the NFL
Over 60% of NFL players have suffered from at least one concussion in their professional career. The NFL should consider the impact of head injuries that plague many players past and present. Many football players suffer from concussions, and may experience CTE chronic traumatic encephalopathy, chronic headaches and loss of memory. Over 3,800 players or families of living and deceased players have now sued the NFL due to head injuries (King). Many concussions have been undiagnosed; players may not even shows signs of an actual injury, it could be months or many years before they realize the effects that have taken place due to the undiagnosed concussions. Blows to the head and trauma causing hits can only take seconds to occur during a play but the effects could last a lifetime. Head injuries range from the kickers linebackers and even the quarterbacks. Head injuries and concussions are a common factor today on the game field. NFL kicker Tom Dempsey was the placekicker for the New Orleans Saints he currently holds the record for the longest field goal, his kick was 63 yards, which wins honors in the NFL in which he shares with three other players. It began with the irritability, loosing weight and memory loss. He was diagnosed on three different occasions with concussions during 1969-1979, three others concussions were not diagnosed while playing football in the NFL. Although he was a kicker, he never was one to shy away from contact, Mr. Dempsey is now 66 years old and suffers from dementia, three holes were found in his brain to be caused by neurodegenerative brain disease. Neurodegenerative disease is a serious health problem, more commonly found in elderly patients. It also can be caused by a genetic disorder; in this case it is caused by repetitive head injuries. Today Mr. Dempsy is in rehab and he is learning write and spell again. Junior Seau was a linebacker for many NFL teams, he...

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