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Sports as a Hobby

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Many people enjoy playing sports. It is people?s hobby, some say it?s their life, and others play it just to keep busy. Sports keep you in shape and out of trouble. There are physical sports, and there are mental sports. Depending on what people like, there is a sport out there for anyone. Football, baseball, and golf are just a few to name.

Football is known as a contact sport. Players that play this sport must be in shape and very strong. They also must be able to read and learn many different plays. Although football is a physical sport, it is said to be more of a mental sport. Players have to be able to know the sport and the players to be able to play the game.

Unlike football, baseball is not a contact sport. Players need to be able to run a good distance. They have to learn what the coach?s signals mean and when to use them. Players also need to have a good concentration so they do not get distracted. Another thing that is very important is stretching before each game. If players do not stretch before a game, it will be very easy for them to pull a muscle or get hurt.

Golf is different from both football and baseball. Players do not need to be very strong or in shape. Even though it would not hurt for them to be in shape, must golfers are not. They need to have very good hand-eye coordination. Without that, it will be very easy for them to get distracted. Golfers do not have to be the most energetic people, they just need to know how to drive a golf cart around and hit a golf ball at a far distance. The main thing that golfers need is patience. Many people like to golf to relieve stress.

There are many more sports out there. All of them having similarities and differences. They all have one thing in common, and that is that they keep people playing and watching entertained. Once people find a sport that truly makes them happy when they play, they need to stick with it.

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