Sport and the end of apartheid

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Sport and Leisure Operations
Risk Assessment

Name: Daragh McCarthy

The leisure centre which I have chosen to carry out my risk assessment is Askeaton leisure centre. It is one of the main leisure centres in Limerick County. It has many facilities including a pool area, sauna, steam room, gym area (both machine weights and free weights) and men and women’s changing areas. I chose this leisure centre as it has a high reputation throughout the County and felt it would be a great experience for me. The manager was helpful and let me read through the full health and safety folder. Of which I have photocopied some sheets from including their safety statement and also an accident report form. I found their very modern and up to date with their health and safety. The manager of the leisure centre carries out the risk assessment annually. The area I decided to conduct my risk assessment was the pool area as I feel this is the place where a risk is most likely to occur. Risk Assessment- Every employer must identify the hazards that exist in their workplace, assess the risk of these and then develop a risk assessment of those risks as they apply to the employees who are exposed to them. Hazard- A hazard is anything that can cause harm.

Risk- The likelihood of a hazard occurring.
Aims and objectives
My aim was to carry out my very first risk assessment in my chosen leisure centre. I was looking to identify any risks which may lead to a hazard occurring. I will then show this to the leisure centre manager and get her opinion on my risk assessment. Her knowledge and experience will be very helpful if I pursue this as a future career. The hazards I will assess will be in the pool/poolside area as I feel this is a risky area in a leisure centre. The key staff member I will consult is the manager as she is also the health and safety manager of the leisure centre. The policy I will refer to is the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Act 2005. The procedures I will refer to are the safety statement, normal operating procedures and emergency action plan. A risk assessment can take as long as it needs to as it is an important procedure in the workplace. On completion of the risk assessment in the pool area, the organisation will be able to: Identify the hazards in the pool area

Rate the risks numerically
Identify appropriate controls
Identify those responsible for implementation
Check to see if some new control methods need to be put in place Hazards identified within the pool area
Risk assessment form
Assessment No: R01
Location/Dept.: Askeaton
Assessment Date: 7/12/2012
Assessor’s Name: Daragh McCarthy

Task / Activity / Area Assessed
Swimming Pool / Poolside

Hazards identified
Worst Case Outcome
Current Control Measures in Place
Slip, trip or fall
Have to wear poolside shoes. Sign clearly visible for pool rules 2
Lifeguard on duty at all times. Inform users of deep end. Sign saying water height measurements 1
Wet Floor
Wet signs in place. Access cut off to non-swimmers
Hygiene, personal health
Swimmers must wear a cap. Ensure pool is at correct temperature of the swimmers 1
Heat exhaustion
Fans always turned on. Tap at Jacuzzi area for a drink of water. Staff rotation 2

Worst Case outcome
Severe Injury
Lost Time Injury
Minor Injury
No injury
Likelihood given precautions in place
Certain / imminent
Very likely

4 hazards to risk assess fully in the pool area
Slip, trip or fall
Wet floor and
Heat exhaustion
Current control Measures
New Control Measures
Date risk to be revised
Risk rating
New Risk Rating
Slip, trip or fall
Have to wear poolside shoes. Sign clearly visible for pool rules First aid kit in correct place. Use of slip resistance floor material. 14/12/12

References: Lecture notes
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