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Procedures for preparing an outing

By rw1uk Oct 10, 2013 964 Words
Explain the procedures which need to be follow when preparing an outing with the children, think about before the day and the actual day of the outing.

Before organising an outing a purpose must be ascertained such as enhancing the learning, providing stimulus to the curriculum, giving the children a real experience and to practice skills and relationships in a different context and environment. When planning a visit, it must be suitable and relevant for the age range of the children. In the planning time scales must be factored in such as how long and length of the journey times. What method of transport, if any, will be required? How much will the outing cost and how much extra help will be required? All new locations must be checked for safety and security. The setting would request the places own risk assessment and then the place would be visited by a member of staff prior to organising the outing and a risk assessment will be completed at this time. All trips must have the approval and agreement from the commitee It is the responsibility of the setting leader to organise suitable transport with seatbelts and, if required, a driver who has been CRB checked. Adequate insurance cover must be in place for the driver, destination and activity involved. It is also the setting leaders responsibility to consider the needs of all the children’s medical and physical conditions. All parents need to be informed regarding the proposed trip at least two weeks in advance including any costs which may be incurred, giving the parents the opportunity to pay in instalments if necessary. A letter containing all relevant information must be sent to all the parents showing: •Date and timings of the trip.

Estimated time of departure and arrival back at school. •Costs.
Sensible shoes must be worn.
Transport details.
Lunch arrangements.
Clothing requirements in line with the weather conditions. •Equipment required such as pocket money or cameras.
Appeal for helpers.
Request for up to date emergency and medication details. •A permission slip.
A permission slip must be received for every child and if any have not been received a few days before the trip the parents should be contacted personally. The trip leader must also have in place the relevant supervision such as parent helpers in line with the adult to children ratio. The settings policy says, ratios for trips are 2 children per adult The setting leader must ensure that they re acquaint themselves with the correct methods of dealing with emergency situations. They must also allocate the children to an adult and a record must be kept and copy must be given to each group leader. A record may also be left in the setting. The leader must also ensure that they have a registration book / form to take on the outing. Children will be counted out of the setting, counted on and off the transport, counted when at destination, counted back on and off transport for the return trip and counted again when back to the setting before allowing parents to take their children home. The leader must ensure that all mobile phone numbers of the helpers have been exchanged and that all peers have been issued with the trip leader’s mobile number and that all numbers must be kept confidential. There must also be in place adequate adult to children ratio so that the trip leader is available for organisational or emergencies duties. On the trip there must be a designated first aider that all adults are aware of. There should also be a clear outlined itinerary with exact timings and important information highlighted for all helpers which includes a written list of all the children with their group and detailed map of the location. Before going on the trip the trip leader should remind the children of what is expected from them and how they should behave outside of the school. Whilst on the outing / trip:

All children must stay with their assigned adult at all times. •A pre-arranged signal must be in place for all children to stand by their group leaders. •All adults must know the children they are responsible for and must constantly check and be vigilant with their children. •Whilst using transport all children must wear a seatbelt and remain seated at all times. •The designated first aider must carry all medical and first aid kits with them at all times and also brown paper bags and tissues and a least one change of clothes for both genders. •If any medication is required, all adults must have a list of those children within their care, ensuring they have have written consent from the parent / carer and any medication given is witnessed in accordance to setting policy. In case of an emergency:

Any minor injuries must be administered with first aid and parents informed in the normal incident record book. •If the transport breaks down the leader should contact the setting admin so that all waiting parents and or carers are informed. •In any grave emergencies the trip leader will telephone the admin and parents will be notified according to first priority. The leader will contact the emergency services first and then the admin. •The admin must ascertain the following: the nature, time and location of the incident and the names of those involved. They must also ensure that a full register has been taken and which other adults are with the uninjured, ensuring that they nominate a person to be in charge so that the leader / designated first aider can go with the emergency services. They must also record the caller’s telephone number in case they are cut off. •The admin will have the responsibility of contacting the children’s parents or main carers.

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