Sport and Social Factors

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Factors affecting participation in sport

Sport is a major part of many people’s lives and each person does sport for a variety of different reasons but there are also factors that prevent people from participating in sport, these factors are split into ‘social’ factors and ‘physical’ factors which will affect the person in different ways. Regular participation in sport will benefit the individual in a number of different ways but also society will benefit from each individual choosing to participate in sport. For each gender, age (children, adults and elderly) and ethnic group the levels of exercise will vary due to their needs and wants, all these subjects will be covered in this essay a long with the solutions to the issues and effects to the reasons of participating in sport.

Reasons for people to participate in sport vary dependant on the person and the level of which they play at for example lower level players may play in order to get exercise, meet people, entertainment and to try new sports, these reasons can affect the sports club as each individual may have joined the club for a different combination of these reasons therefore the club will need to accommodate these players need for example exercise may mean that the club will need to train regularly and more intense while for the players who joined entertainment the club will need to make enjoyable training sessions possibly by just doing entertaining drills and small sided match in training. Higher level player will participate in sport for different reasons such as personal improvement, to challenge their ability, make a living and passion for the sport and usually all the players at these higher level clubs are all there for the same reason (to become the best they can) therefore the club will need to train them intensely but also help the players achieve their goals in their sport. These reasons for participating in the sport will need to be accommodated by the club in order to keep the players happy to continue their participation in the sport.

Social factors

Social factors are usually factors that affect a person’s participation in sport due to others and their standing in the social hierarchy. The examples of social factors include pressure, time, friendship, money, lifestyle and religion, all these factors could prevent the individual from participating in sport but all these issues/problems have solutions which could allow the individual to get around these issues.

Pressure – people may be pressured into joining or not joining a sports club therefore this will affect their participation, if the player is pressured to join a sports for example the player may want to join a football club but is pressured by people (family, friends ect.) To join a rugby club, the person during the season may realize that rugby is not the sport for them and leave then have no sports club to play for at all. The solution to this issue could be making sports clubs have a free trail in which the player can go to the sports club before officially joining and make their own mind up on whether they enjoyed the club/sport and if they were at the correct ability level

Time - people could be tight for time due to other commitments for example work, education or family commitments, if the players priority does not lay with sports club they will not train and/or play for that club and would rather or forced to spend their time with the other commitment this will affect their participation in that sport. This problem can be solved by having flexible hour sports club to suit all the players but if this does not work the club could have different start time so each player can choose a time that suits them and attend that session instead.

Money – some sports clubs require a fee/payment in order to join the club and the player may not be able to raise the correct funds, money could also affect travel as if the player does not live near the club the player will need...
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