Spirituality Vs. Religion

Topics: Religion, Faith, Human Pages: 2 (575 words) Published: November 11, 2013
Satisfaction With A Lack Of God

Since the dawn of man, there has been a belief in gods. Whether it was to explain how life came about on our planet, to give reasoning to strange phenomenon, or give hope of having an afterlife, human kind has always used gods as an explanation. The majority of all people have a set religion that they belong to, but I have always seen a problem with this, for instance, what proof is there that there is a god? For those of us who do not believe in god, we often find people questioning how we can be satisfied with anything we have accomplished, or how we can be happy with our life in general.

The Bible was a great source of guidelines set up to help a community prosper, telling us that lying, cheating, and stealing is unacceptable, and that perseverance can and will win out over enormous adversary is a great thing for anyone to know. The stories in the Bible are just that, stories written somewhat like bedtime tales we tell our children. The narrative of David and Goliath is very similar to the story of the “Little Engine that could”. In the account of David and Goliath, David was a very small man, with little to no fighting experience; going up against Goliath, a huge warmonger that was very adept at battle. David prays to god before he goes into battle, and comes out the winner, stunning every around him. The Little Steam Engine did basically the same thing, he had a huge task ahead of him, no one thought he could complete it, but he keeps telling himself over and over again “I think I can, I think I can” in essence praying to himself trying to get the job done, eventually completing his task to everyone’s amazement. Although David attributed his victory to god, the Little Steam Engine could give himself all the credit. No one believed he could get over the mountain with all the toys, but he proved them wrong, and his self-pride became enormous due to the massive task he had just completed.

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