Speed Cameras

Topics: Prince George's County, Maryland, Maryland, Montgomery County, Maryland Pages: 3 (985 words) Published: July 15, 2013
Speed Cameras and Their Effectiveness
Edward Anderson
March 20, 2013
Dr. Sawyer

Speed cameras in the Washington, D.C. metro area are becoming more common every day. Speed cameras in our area are providing added wealth to the communities in which they are placed. Speed cameras are located mostly in school zones and high traffic areas. Most important is the effectiveness speed cameras have on our daily commute; from drivers pressing on their brakes for cameras, to allowing traffic to move at a constant rate. Speed cameras are saving lives in our communities and lowering the cost of medical and repair bills. Speed Camera Revenue

It is often heard on the radio about communities gaining wealth by using speed cameras. In reality, it is a contractor who provides the county or city with the speed camera who is becoming wealthy. In one community, the revenue generated from a speed camera over a year’s time exceeded 1.1 million dollars (Rossi, 2011). Of that nearly a million dollars went to the contractor who provided the camera (Rossi, 2011). A report published by the Montgomery County Office of Legislative Oversight (2009), stated that “in Fiscal Year 2008, the first full year of the program, county speed cameras generated $12.5 million in total revenue.” Over the next two fiscal years, the revenue generated from the cameras more than doubled to $29.4 million, according to the Montgomery County Office of Legislative Oversight (2009). According to Smith (2011), speed cameras in Prince Georges County, while effective are owned and operated by a company called Optotraffic. Smith (2011) says, “Optotraffic receives 39 percent of the revenue from the tickets. As of October 2011, College Park had received $3.98 million from speed camera tickets and had given $1.55 million to Optotraffic.” Speed cameras are also showing up in school zones. School Zone Cameras

In Charles County, there are speed cameras installed primarily in school zones. There are two...

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