Speed and Painters

Topics: Speed, Velocity, Speed of sound Pages: 4 (1490 words) Published: March 27, 2012
Case Study:

Read the Hovey and Beard Company Case, and answer the following questions. 1. Discuss how the principles of job design and reinforcement theory apply to the performance problems at the Hovey and Beard Company. 2. Analyze the performance problems using the "performance diagnosis model" in Chapter 7. 3. Note: Do not answer the questions after each part of the case, although they may help you form your answer. 4. Remember to organize your answer well and write concisely because there are many points you can raise about the Hovey and Beard Company case.

Case 6:1

The Hovey and Beard Company manufactured a variety of wooden toys, including animals, pull toys, and the like. The toys were manufactured by a transformation process that began in the wood room. There, toys were cut, sanded, and partially assembled. Then the toys were dipped into shellac and sent to the painting room. In years past, the painting had been done by hand, with each employee working with a given toy until its painting was completed. Most of the toys were only two colors, although a few required more than two. Now, in response to increased demand for the toys, the painting operation was changed so the painters sat in a line by an endless chain of hooks. These hooks moved continuously in front of the painters and passed into a long horizontal oven. Each painter sat in a booth designed to carry away fumes and to backstop excess paint. The painters would take a toy from a nearby tray, position it in a jig inside the painting cubicle, spray on the color according to a pattern, and then hung the toy on a passing hook. The rate at which the hooks moved was calculated by th4e engineers so that each painter, when fully trained, could hung a painted toy on each hook before it passed beyond reach. The painters were paid on a group bonus plan. Since the operation was new to them, they received a learning bonus that decreased by regular amounts each month. The...
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