Speech on Canada's Mining Industry

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Mining Speech

Good morning/ afternoon fellow classmates and teacher, the topic of my speech is one of Canada's Industries- mining. Mining is a big part of Canada's economy and is a major contributor, contributing to nearly 5% of Canada's Gross Domestic Product (also known as GDP). The exporting of aluminum, copper, gold, iron and steel, iron ore, nickle, silver, uranium, zinc, diamonds, potash, and coal ranged from $1.7 billion to $15.1 billion. As we can see from the point just said, mining brings a great amount of money into our country. The industries $36 billion contribution to Canada's GDP in 2010 included $10 billion in mineral extraction and $28 billion in mineral processing and manufacturing. Mining does not only bring money to our country, but takes a lot of money to extract, process and manufacture these minerals. Also in the year 2010 the industry accounted for 21% of the goods Canada has exported.

Canada has a long and interesting history in mining. About 40,000 years ago, the first Aboriginal people of the Western Hemisphere used various minerals to produce the tools necessary for their survival. Thousands of years later, Canada's early settlers used stone, brick, clay, and gravel to build their communities a d lay the foundation of the great nation we live in now. Over years, minerals provide much more than the tools we need to survive. Minerals were quickly recognized as a precious resource, resources which will provide immense riches. The history of mining in Canada and its prospectors is a story of adventure, discovery, and dreams. Prospectors were true Canadian pioneers, people which had to survive harsh conditions and weathering the elements in search of these precious resources. Prospectors were driven by courage, determination, and passion to live lives which they had dreamed of.

With mining come advantages and disadvantages. The advantages are economical and good for our country, but on the other hand the disadvantages are more...
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