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Topics: Carbon dioxide, Methane, Greenhouse gas, Natural gas, Fossil fuel, Earth / Pages: 2 (440 words) / Published: Feb 10th, 2015
Global Warming

Planet earth has an abundance of natural resources, which makes it unique and perfect for life to exist. However our use of these natural resources is creating a bit of a problem for us. Global warming is affecting our world in a negative way and mankind is exacerbating this problem.
Today I am here to tell you what global warming is, why it is a problem and how we can solve it.
Global warming is the increase in average temperature of earth’s land, sea and atmosphere.
This is caused by the greenhouse effect, which is when greenhouse gases let sunlight in to the lower atmosphere which warms the earth and then blocks the heat from leaving. The greenhouse effect is a natural occurrence mostly caused by water vapors. Mankind is contributing to this problem by creating large amounts of greenhouse gases, mostly by burning fossil fuels. The burning of fossil fuels disrupts the natural balance of the earth's temperature and as a result, the earth warms. When the earth warms it causes glaciers to melt like in
Greenland. Global warming is melting the last edge of Greenland's ice sheet and is adding billions of tons of water which is resulting in rising sea levels. This causes more frequent flooding, and very low lands could be submerged completely. Rising sea level can also harm important ecosystems such as forests and coral reefs.
We can prevent global warming from getting worse by reducing our use of burning fossil fuels, planting trees, and recycling. Now you’re thinking how are we going to do this? Well it’s simple.
There are two ways to reduce burning fossil fuels: use less energy and use non polluting energy sources such as solar and wind power. Carbon dioxide is the primary greenhouse gas emitted through human activities. Planting trees is important because trees absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen. Therefore it can slow down or stop global warming. Recycling reduces greenhouse gases by keeping materials out of the

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