An Inconvenient Truth Analysis

Topics: Al Gore, An Inconvenient Truth, Global warming Pages: 6 (2174 words) Published: September 18, 2011
An Inconvenient Truth: Analyzing the “Truth”

What is the overall claim made by Al Gore in An Inconvenient Truth?

Al Gore’s Overall claim is that humans are the main cause of global warming. The main cause of global warming is the decay of vegetations, which causes pollution.

In the space below and in 2-3 sentences, explain TWO different pieces of evidence used by Gore to help prove his claim. Alternatively, find two pieces of evidence that disprove his clam.. Assuming the evidence is valid; do you believe it supports his overall claim? Explain. (Note, this is asking does he use relevant info not if you agree or disagree with his points.) Using scientific journals, find at least one source that deals with the claim. (I’d suggest you access these through Highline’s library at , another source for online databases, or in person at the library.) Google sources will typically not be sufficient. Evidence #1

• Explain evidence in movie—

Global sea levels are rising in more than twenty feet with the loss of the Greenland and Antarctica shelves. This would hurt many coastal areas worldwide. The sun which heats up the water which then heats up the ice bergs and increasing the level of salt water created.

• Does it support the overall claim? Yes or No. Explain. Yes. We are seeing this happen more and more. There was a diagram that he showed in the video that showed the currents of the ocean and how the temperatures of the currents effect many countries and with the rise in temperature equals the melting of ice bergs which increase the level of water which in term creates flooding and hurricanes and we see this with countries like Indonesia.

• Related journal article
o Cite the article—

o Summarize the point of the article
In this article it explains all the main points of Al Gores Inconvenient truth. National Geographic News brought in Eric Steig who is an earth scientist at the University of Washington in Seattle to get his expertise And try to find anything wrong with the claims but ironically Steig didn’t find any claim to be wrong. He goes to state, “the documentary handles the science well.” He even tried looking for errors and found none.

o Does it help support Gore’s overall claim—Yes or No. Explain. Yes. Experts stated that Hurricanes are not correlated with global warming and Steig defended Al gore’s claim by stating that, "the statistics [show] that such events are more likely now than they used to be and will become more likely in the future." Steig makes very good points throughout his article to prove that Al Gore made some outstanding points and that we the viewer should listen. Evidence #2

• Explain evidence in movie—
A million species worldwide could be driven to extinction in just half a century by global warming. I remember clearly in the video Al Gore showed an animation of a polar bear trying to look for land based ice and the poor polar bear couldn’t find any so he drowned because they can only swim for so much, they survive on resting on ice. In Seattle we are loosing our Orcas because of the toxins Orcas give to their babies. The food chain is slowly dying eventually its going to come up to use and bite us n the behind.

• Does it support the overall claim? Yes or No. Explain. Yes. Animals where made to survive and kill like normal die like normal and the fact that they are not dying normal because humans are the cause of this is horrible.

“Life without a diverse population of animals and plants would be bleak, boring and perhaps even unsustainable. Humans depend on a vast, varied supply of flora and fauna—from slugs to redwood trees—to form the foundation of the earth's ecosystems, which clean the air and water, stabilize the soil and provide...
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