Speech About Pitbulls

Topics: Dog, Pit Bull, American Pit Bull Terrier, Dog breed, Staffordshire Bull Terrier / Pages: 3 (548 words) / Published: Apr 14th, 2016
Pit Bulls Wow! That dog is adorable! Many people think that Pit Bulls are dangerous, vicious dogs. Not all are dangerous, some are very loving and caring dogs. I’m here to tell you why Pit Bulls would make great pets. Many people don’t agree with Pit Bulls being pets. They think that all of them are vicious because it’s in their genetic history. However, I found that this is not true. There is a myth that, no matter how nice the owner was, the dog will eventually turn on their owner. This is not true, yet, if the owner is mean or mistreats the dog, then yes the Pit Bull will turn on them. Pit Bulls act based on how they were trained or treated. If raised right, they are loving pets. Pit Bulls aren’t vicious, they’re even known to be good with younger children! They are not as aggressive as people say they are. In fact, Chihuahuas …show more content…
Owners used to put their Pit Bulls into illegal fighting, which is part of their bad rep. Also, when reporters do cases on dog attacks, they say that they won’t report it unless it was a Pit Bull, or sometimes they’ll even lie in an article about what breed of dog it is and just say it was a Pit Bull. This is wrong. Pit Bulls should not be mistreated like this! In my opinion, I think that Pit Bulls would make great pets! I think this because they are just like every other dog, they’re just misunderstood. Pit Bulls can be kind, loving, and gentle pets, even with young children. Pit Bulls just have a bad rep because of their owners. I even found that in a poll of 10 people, 9 of 10 thought that Pit Bulls would make good pets. One person stated “It has nothing to do with the breed of dog, it how they get treated by the owner.” I do agree with this. In conclusion, Pit Bulls would make wonderful pets because they’re loving, playful, and

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