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Ms. Lindsey 2014-2015 Speech Syllabus
Hello students! We are going to have a great semester in Speech! This syllabus is to provide you with some guidance into how I expect the class to go during your time this semester. Below are my expectations for this course. It is a required course and you cannot graduate without passing this class. I hope you all do your best and work hard! According to national surveys, fear of public speaking ranks among Americans' top dreads, surpassing fear of illness, fear of flying, fear of terrorism, and often the fear of death itself. Materials Needed

Three Ring Binder OR a Folder with brads
Loose Leaf Paper
Index Cards
Pens or Pencils
Sticky Notes (One package)
Spiral Notebook or Composition Notebook
1. We will be giving multiple presentations throughout the semester. This is a speech class and you cannot learn how to speak publicly by sitting in your chair all the time. Be expected to do the following speeches: a. Introduction Speech

b. Information Speech
c. Persuasive Speech
2. I expect participation. Everyone is expected to participate in class discussions, activities, assignments, and speeches. 3. There will be a daily bell ringer waiting for you when you come to class. I expect you to be in your seat working on your bell ringer when the bell rings. 4. Come prepared.

5. We are a team. We are not going to make fun of anyone. We will all be great audience members during performances. I have a zero tolerance policy for anyone making fun or mocking another student. 6. You will be doing research throughout the semester. We will discuss good researching skills at different intervals during our time together. 7. To be a good speaker, you must be a good communicator. We will be learning several different skills on how to be an effective communicator. Some of you may be great at public speaking, and some of you may only be beginners. However, public speaking is a skill that must be...
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