Speckle Trout

Topics: Brook trout, Learning, Character, Protagonist, Knowledge, Developmental psychology / Pages: 3 (510 words) / Published: Mar 19th, 2014
The story “Speckle Trout” takes place in a small town near French Board River. The town is very small and fishing seems to be the main source of excitement. The main adventure in the small town is fishing for trout at Caney Creek. The story only has a few characters with the main character being a teenage boy that recently turned sixteen. The teenage boy seems to think he is invincible and any advice his dad gives seems to be just preaching and simply does not listen to his father. The author Ron Rash keeps you intrigued to the adventure of Lanny, the main character, his friend Travis, Leonard the drug dealer and Linwood Toomey the owner of the land.
In the Speckle Trout, Ron Rash shows that Caney Creek is more the just a creak that comes to a fork. The lesson of life follows along the creek leading Lanny to one side in the right direction and the other possibly to end. However, he finds out that he is not invincible to life’s lessons by learning just how short life is when he is own life is tested at the end. As teenager you are challenged to make the right decision and sometimes not listening to others life lessons will Even though in life we can either learn from others mistakes or just learn on our own., learning and listening to others is always a good path to take in life because being a teenager sometimes you are challenge to make the right decision and life is to short not to listen to people who have already experienced life. In life we can either learn from others mistakes or just learn on our own however learning by listening to others is always a good path to take in life.
When Lanny first starts fishing he simply wants to make money by catching as many speckled trout as possible. He knows that he can get paid from Old Man Jenkins. Then Lanny stubbles across stalks of leaves and realizes he found something that will bring him real money. His friend Travis smokes pot and Lanny knows how much he spends. Later they both decide to visit Leonard to

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