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Topics: Hygiene, Want, Geriatrics Pages: 2 (641 words) Published: December 4, 2014
Analyse the Care Needs of Individuals with Specific Needs. I want to firstly, thank you for attending this meeting today and coming on schedule. Also, I want to appreciate the fact that you have chosen our organisation, out of the lots you have listed, to be the appointed care provider for your father, Mr Holland Park and I promise’ you won’t be disappointed. Ours is a reputable organisation that does things uniquely but according to procedures and sometimes in order to give our patients the best care, we go beyond the books, as we take our jobs seriously and professionally. Our Reputable staffers are skilled and experienced in several fields of care. We are registered several bodies which include NHS-MONITOR etc to help us provide excellent services. We are aware that Mr Holland Park is visually impaired, hearing impaired and though in the early stages of dementia, also exhibits challenging behaviour; Hence, our main reasons for using the Non-Directive Approach of caring for our patients, specifically, ‘’Person Centred Approach’’ (PCA). As, it will take all these conditions into consideration, when designing the care plan. In as much as we strive to achieve equality in our services, as the policy recommends, many of our patients, though, elderly, have several different disabilities and we manage and care for them using the PCA method, as this helps us target the individual patients at the point of their individual needs. The essence of the person-centered approach is that, it is individual to and ‘owned’ by the service user. The ‘’Person Centered Approach’’ recognises, that every person needs support to plan in a way that is meaningful to them and therefore, flexible and innovative to make this a truly inclusive process. Our Practice of PCA method in our organisation is founded on the following basis CONGRUENCE (Authenticity and Realness)

EMPATHY(Process of Understanding) 
UNCONDITIONAL POSITIVE REGARD (Non-judgmental, Respect and Acceptance)

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