Specialist Diploma in Workplace Safety & Health Course

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Specialist Diploma in Workplace Safety & Health Course
Competency Unit

Construction Elective Manage WSH Risk In Construction Industries

Submitted By Name NRIC : Mohd Ali Bin Supati : S7402037B

Student Id : S10071529 Contact no.: +62 811 700 2102

Trainer/Assessor Mr. Tan Aik Nan DATE 01102009

Elective Unit : Manage WSH Risk In Construction Industries

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Elective Unit: Manage WSH Risks in Construction Industries Project Report This Report defines the works carried out by PT. McConnell Dowell Services in the fabrication of pipe modules in Batam Fabrication Facility. It covers the nature, hazards, controls and legislative compliance in ensuring the safe operations in the delivery of final products to satisfied clients. Work Activities Inventory




PT. McConnell Dowell Services

Mohd Ali Supati

30 Sep 2009

Worksite: PARS Project – Batam Fabrication Facility S/No 1 Location/Process PARS Project Assembly Area Architectural and finishing works Painting works on the fabricated spool joints for finishing Work Activities

a. Wire brushing of welded joints on the fabricated spool. b. Cleaning welded joint section using solvent prior paint application. c. Applying paint onto the welded joints.


PARS Project Assembly Area Civil and Structural works Steel structure fit up for fabrication

a. Selection of approved lifting gears used for putting the steel beam in position for fabrication. b. Apply softeners at the edges of the beam before rigging with flat slings. c. Anchor beam clamp above the beam where lever or chain block needs to be hanged.

d. Hook the sling eye onto a chain or lever block. e. Lift the beam into its position and secure with G clamps. f. Protect the sling from damage from fabrication.

g. Weld the joints.


Fabrication Workshops Mechanical and a. Installation of torches onto cylinder with hoses

Elective Unit : Manage WSH Risk In Construction Industries

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Electrical works Welding and cutting of spools

equipped with regulators, flashback arrestors and no return valves b. Testing for leakages using soap solution at the connections before use.


PARS Project Assembly Area Equipment and services works Installation or removal of new grinding discs onto hand Grinder or disc cutters

a. De-energize/ isolate the grinders or disc cutters from the power cords. b. Removing of the disc from grinders or disc cutters using the proper hand tool. c. Installation of the new disc.

(Source MOM: Adapted from WSH Risk assessment Guidelines)

Elective Unit : Manage WSH Risk In Construction Industries

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Section 1: Manage Compliance Issues in Construction Industries 1. Identify and apply two relevant and appropriate clauses stated in the legal and other requirements to formulate control measures of WSH risks for three work activities.



Regulation no.


Schedule to commence inspection

Inspection frequency (Daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, etc)

Channels of communication

Welding and cutting of spools


37 1

WSH (General Provision) 2006 Prevention of fire All reasonably practical steps shall be taken in a factory to keep sources of heat or ignition separate from – a) flammable materials from the factory or b) any process carried on at the factory that gives rise to any flammable gas or vapour There shall be provided and maintained in a factory means of extinguishing fire which shall – a) be readily accessible; b) be adequate and suitable having regard to the circumstances of each case; and c) be tested by a competent person at such regular intervals as the commissioner may determine. WSH (General Provision) 2006 Safety provisions in case of fire There shall be provided in a factory such means of escape in case of fire for the persons at work in a factory –

Daily @ 0730hrs

Daily by Supervisor

Daily Equipment...
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