Kiln Shell Replacement

Topics: Nondestructive testing, Piano, Welding Pages: 4 (771 words) Published: March 5, 2011
Larsen & Toubro Limited
Welding Products Business CASE STUDY


Nikhil Trikha Contract Business 16-Aug-10

Customer Plant Capacity Kiln Capaciy Job done

: J.K.White Cement , Gotan (Rj.) : .35 MTPA : 1100 TPD : Cowl Shell replacement (discharge end.)


WHY? Shell replacement
The old cowl shell was conical shaped and the same shell replaced with straight shell. Because of conical shape, customer was facing sealing problem at the end, which results in lots of cement spillage at the platform and nearby kiln area.

Steps involved in shell replacement
1. V-Groove preparation of New Shell. 2. Assembly of New Shell. 3. Run-out measurement of Old shell. 4. Obstruction while shell removal. 5. Marking and cutting of Old shell. 6. V-Groove preparation of old shell. 7. Positioning of new shell. 8. Alignment of New shell using aligning blocks and Clits. 9. Piano wire reading. 10. Welding of shells. 11. Non-destructive testing.


V-Groove was made manually on new shell with the help of Gas cutter and grinding was done using Hand grinder. In most of the cases shell supplier does it only before delivery.

Assembly of New Shell
Assembly was done of new shell and cowl (cover). Shell thickness – 28mm

1. S – type stiffeners were welded on both shell to give springing action while working of Kiln. 2. Rectangular blocks were welded on the cowl below S – type stiffeners and 5mm clearance is maintained in between inner shell and blocks for expansion while working.

Run-out Measurement

Pointer was made as shown above and distance of kiln shell taken from 8 places while slow rotation of kiln. Position Distance 1 83 2 85 3 93 4 103 5 113 6 116 7 109 8 93

Run-out of Kiln – 33mm. Obstruction The kiln of the J.K.White is equipped with Planetary/satellite cooler because of old design and small capacity. In this type of design at the end of the kiln there are openings from where...
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