Special Place

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Ryan Dixon
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Special Place
My grandparents’ house is a good sized house with a small front lawn with a golf course across the street. At any time throughout the day, you can hear the sound of golfers hitting the golf balls whether it is the ring of teeing off or the thump of a fairway shot. The exterior of the house is mostly red brick house with some lighter bricks and some black bricks on the bottom and half vinyl on the top. The house has black shingles on the roof and black shutters for the windows. On the right side of the house, there is a long and wide black top driveway that my grandparents had added to the house themselves. This leads you to the first garage that is attached to the very right of the house. The driveway continues along to the side of the house where it leads to another larger garage and ten or so yards before that is a gate with a door allowing access to the backyard.

The backyard has my favorite asset of the house, the swimming pool. It is a large rectangular swimming pool that gradually goes from four feet to ten feet deep. The pool has a diving board at the deep end, a ladder to get out of the pool, and steps with railing at the shallow end to get in and out. On the left side of the pool there is the house, and on the right of the pool there is a decent sized section of grass and a shed. On the left side of the house is a deck with a nice patio set up with table, some chairs, and a grill all fenced off from the pool are with a door for access.

Spending so much time at this location is one of the reasons it feels so much like home to me. My mother and I were always there when I was younger for just about every reason you could imagine. We loved spending time over there and especially loved the meals. Any time you would open the front door there would be a delicious aroma of some sort of meal either my Popaw or Nana would be preparing! Or maybe it was the smell of Pizza King or the local Chinese place,...
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