The Place to Be

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Parks Victoria
The Place To Be?

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Executive Summary
This Report was commissioned to examine the needs, wants and satisfaction levels associated with international visitors who visit national parks in throughout Victoria. The research draws attention to ways in which Parks Victoria's can increase nature based tourism. Our aim was to develop and test a questionnaire for collecting the data, which provides a suitable consistent approach to international visitors, surveying for park visitation which allows for comparisons across parks and aggregation of data from selected variables. Further investigations reveal that park management requires better understanding towards international visitors, the facilities and park services. Park management require data from individual visitors, this data would include socioeconomic and cultural characteristics, experience, norms, attitudes and preferences. The questionnaire will provide detailed information regarding overall visitor satisfaction, who are the international visitors and are they getting value for money, across-park comparisons of key variables and the core data is predominantly of interest at a park level. The method of data collection has been consistently applied across all Parks and Tourism Victoria's sites by using a set of core variables. It is recommended that

* As a questionnaire is an inexpensive research program, it would make an excellent starting point based on the required data. * This research insists that there is a need for a greater understanding of the facilitators for participation of international visitors and nature based tourism * It’s important to identify where international visitors obtain information, what destinations and activities they’re most likely to suggest to others * There is a large amount of recreational diversity between the national parks and regions of Victoria. In order to enhance the international visitor experience, promotion and development of each park would allow international visitors to actually experience something different in each park making them each a unique attraction and increasing park visits * Parks Victoria could raise the profile of the numerous events they host in their parks, thereby attracting more international visitors. Contents

Executive Summary2
Background to the research5
The management decision problem6
The research problem7
Research design recommended for the new research8
Conclusions and recommendations15
Individual reflections15
Reference list18

Parks Victoria the place to be or not, the primary objected of this report is to determine the needs, wants and satisfaction levels associated with international visitors who visit Victoria's parks, as to increase nature based tourism in Victoria. We intend to determine this by providing all international visitors over the age of 18 who agree to participate with questionnaires. The questionnaire provides a suitable consistent approach to international visitor surveying for park visitation. This method should provide park management with sufficient data allowing for comparisons across parks and managerial decisions. Parks Victoria's mission is to protect and improve the parks while providing as good service as possible to visitors while ensuring the protection of the natural environment.(Parks Victoria, 2011) This report aims to see if the services being provided are effectively delivered to the international visitors and their diverse demographics.
Background to the research
Nature based tourism has become one of the fastest growing tourism sectors in the world and Victoria is well equipped to capitalize on this tourism growth. Victoria is home to a large range of intricate and distinct natural attractions, such as one of the most accessible coastlines in the world as...
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