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Topics: Laurie Halse Anderson, Speak, Melinda Sordino Pages: 2 (1020 words) Published: December 10, 2014
“Speak”, by Laurie Halse Anderson characterizes of Joyce and Jack Sordino being neglectful and incompliant for parenting towards their daughter, Melinda Sordino.Essentially to start Anderson portrays Melindas parents as two different personalities. Joyce (Melindas mom) as the hardworking manager at Efferrs, a clothing store. Giving off that shes a practical yet busy woman who struggles to balance home and career. On the other hand, Jack (Melindas dad) sells insurance whom Melindas thinks is too easy and resents what she sees as his freedom – which is true. He’s more care free and laid back. “Opposites attract” isn’t clearly the case here therefore Melindas parents could try to understand each other, in contrast, give Melinda their main attention. The context in my first proof is when Melindas parents visit the guidance office with Melinda to talk about her speaking issues, as well as her grades. Once Joyce replies rudely towards her husband during the meeting..Guidance counsellor: “Do the two of you have marriage issues?” “Mother responds with unladylike language …. The guidance counselor keep quiet. Maybe she understands why I keep it zipped.” (Anderson 115)Describing Melinda's relationship with her parents could be summarized in the word "fractured."  The relationship between Melinda and her parents is a fragmented one.  They seem more concerned with navigating the difficulties in their own lives and in their own worlds, as opposed to helping Melinda navigate through her own challenges.  Their vision of a child is one in which the child is perfect, devoid of any troubles. When in reality, avoiding challenges faced in the teenager years always comes back to parenting skills and bonding – parent to child. As signified in the quote Melinda is feeling excluded or neglected to talk to her parents having her rather keep silent than speaking. Neglecting is caused by how they would be to busy arguing therefore, neglecting what Melinda has to say. Also she feels as...
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