Spanish-American War Essay

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“And shall our country let it pass, this deed of foul intent? And shall our country dare believe it was an accident?... Come arm, we all, and let us teach a lesson to bold Spain. We will avenge, by more than speech the destruction of the Maine!” These words were spoken by H. W. Petrie (1898) (p. 592). These words were spoken about the Spanish-American War. Mr. Petrie spoke these words after the destruction of the Maine, which is thought to be a key affect of the Spanish-American War. The war was based on the U.S. going to war with Spain to help Cuba fight for their independence from Spain. This war only lasted a few months, and there were not many deaths caused by battle. This war helped Cuba to win independence, and changed our role in foreign policy, made the “U.S. the dominant power in the Western Hemisphere” (Jack Beaudoin) (1999) (p. 26), and created the U.S. a “new stature in world affairs.” (Prentice Hall United States History) (2012) (p. 598)

The Spanish-American War was not a random act of violence. There were many aspects that helped to lead to the beginning of the war. In 1868, Cuba and Spain had a war, Ten Years’ War, fighting for Cuba’s independence. The war did not end with Cuba gaining their independence, but the Cubans were not going to stop trying. In 1895, Jose Marti landed in Cuba to begin a war. However, a few weeks later, Marti was killed by Spaniards. The cry “Cuba Libre”, meaning, free Cuba, is associated with Marti and his attempt to gain independence; after this mishap with Marti, Spain sent 200,000 soldiers to try to stop Cubans from creating a rebellion.

The yellow press is thought to be a cause of the war. Yellow press is based upon the enhancement of facts to try to make the newspaper more exciting and more entertaining. Sometimes the yellow press would stretch the truth and distort it so it would sway the readers’ thoughts and ideas on the discussed situation. It is not proven, but it is somewhat suggested that the yellow press...

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