Space Exploration

Topics: Space exploration, International Space Station, Spaceflight Pages: 3 (908 words) Published: February 27, 2013
Sci-Fi shows and movies often depict the human race easily traversing the vast expands of space. They foreshadow an understanding of space that humans seem very far from. But, how far are we truly from that point? The only way to find out would to be to continue the complicated research of space that has been going on since the space race. However space exploration is surrounded with controversy which may possibly affect the growth of the knowledge of space. The prior benefits and consequences of space exploration now affect the present and future of space exploration.

Many people just don’t know how many things they use every day, have been affected by space exploration. For example satellites are the source of information for things like GPS, and give us the ability to communicate across the globe. Also in the medical field the invention of the MRI can be directly linked to space exploration. Nuclear power is growing more common and also has developed by an increased knowledge of our universe. (Nasa Human Spaceflight) However besides these things space exploration has given us an understanding of our universe and its origin. Probes which landed on Mars and Mercury have helped to understand how planets formed. They also showed how the moon was formed differently than the molten history of the planets they now orbit.(Schlage and Lauer) Space exploration is also rooted in history. During the tensions of the cold war the peak of space exploration was reached. Over 400,000 people were employed for the Apollo missions. After the cold war it helped broker peace through national cooperation. However for many people these benefits don’t help out match the consequences. (Nasa Human Space Flight)

In the opinions of many, space exploration is a waste of time. They believe that it distracts us from focusing on the problems we have on our planet. (Nasa Human Spaceflight). However many people see actual physical negative consequences with the human interaction in space....
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