Sources of Interpersonal Conflict

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Sources of Interpersonal Conflict

Everyone does not have the same goals or objections in life. We all have a set of expectations that differs from each others expectation. In a team or group it is already given that there will be some form disagreement. Disagreements can come in such area as roles of group members, task assignments, workloads, meeting scheduling, rules, work flow process and others. For example, at work I am a part of a team that has daily functions that help other teams complete their daily functions. As a member of my team I am responsible for a number of tasks to help my team complete our overall function of the team. We must work together and also individually to help the team perform as one. Within our teams there are a variety of situational or organizational factors that may lead into conflict amongst each other.

Within a team or group there is always one commonality that remains. We are all pulling from the same resource pool within our respected organizations or businesses. Often this pool is limited. Few have unlimited resources which causes tension and a high level of competition between teams. Many feel that they should have a fair share of available resources. In a business or in an organization, resources can be things such as, money, time, attention from management, technology, supplies, talent, and etc.

Differences in personal and/or professional goals are a common source of conflict within a group. Being in a group with someone that has different goals than you in life then it is possible for tension to be present. For example, if you are in a group that has a member that wants to do the least amount of work and others that will do whatever it takes to get a high quality output. There will be instant tension between group members. This tension can be from intragroup conflict. When there is tension between competing groups that is called intergroup conflict. For example a team of salesmen may have a different quota to...
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