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1.) Read the following document, “Another Race of White Men Come Amongst Us”: Native American Views as British Replace the French in the Lower Mississippi Valley, 1765
2.) Answer the following questions based on a reading of the above document and material from your textbook.
Is this a primary or a secondary source?


When was this document created?

-It was created shortly after the British replaced the French in the Lower Mississippi Valley in 1765

Who created this document?

-Alibamon Mingo, elderly leader of the Choctaw nation

4.) DOCUMENT INFORMATION (There are many possible ways to answer A-E.)
A. List three things the author said that you think are important:

1. I think it’s important to know that the French gave them guns and other things to make hunting bountifully better for them as they embarked on their lands trying to make peace with the “red man” buying their trust and loyalty in relationships between the two races and culture. Mingo was grateful for this as it provided many ways of life for his tribe to survive. This is important because it marked a great peace trade between French and Indians.

2. With respect to the Land I was not Consulted in it, if I was to deliver my Sentiments evil disposed People might impute it to Motives very different from those which actuate me, it is true the Land belonged chiefly to those who have given it away; that the Words which were Spoken have been written with a Lasting Mark, the Superintendant marks every word after word as one would count Bullets so that no variation can happen, & therefore the words have been Spoken and the eternal marks traced I will not Say anything to contradict, but, on the Contrary Confirm the Cession which has been made. What I have now to Say on that head is, to wish that all the Land may be Settled in four

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