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Topics: Literature, Religion, Japan Pages: 2 (413 words) Published: September 29, 2014
Research Topics for The Sound of Waves – 9th Grade Pre-IB Step 1: Students will be divided into four groups. After group assignment, each student in the group will select ONE topic on which to do outside research. Two different sources must be found and the articles must be printed and brought to class in order to receive credit for this assignment. Step 2:Each student must find at least one passage in the novel about the topic they have chosen in their assigned section. Students will write out or paraphrase the reference and indicate the page number where the quote is found. (The number of topics required for each group will be the same as the number of students found in their group. – This assignment must be written in the literary journal. Step 3:Each student must find at least two literary features in the passage they have found from the novel about their topic. Students will write a sentence explanation in their literary journal about how these literary features are helping explain or describe their topic. Step 4:Each group will orally present the connection between information in the research articles and the references found in the novel. Additionally, each individual must explain the impact of their topic on the novel. All students will also take notes on all topics that are not their own. Time and Place:

Origin of the Japanese people
Geography’s influence on the economy and livelihood of Uta-jima •The climate and weather conditions of Uta-jima
The history of pearl diving
Means of travel, communication, world influence on island community Social and Cultural Influence:
Religious holidays and pilgrimages
Japanese deities and religious beliefs
Buddhist temples
Death and memorial rites & Worship rituals and objects of worship (talismans) (B) Social:
Traditional Japanese clothing
Traditional interior design of Japanese houses
The importance of punctuality
Proper social etiquette for...
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