Sorry for the loss

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Sorry for the Loss

Every decision, choice, action and move we make in life has a consequence; it can be either positive or negative. Sometimes we make decisions with such serious consequences that it might change our life and future, for better or for worse. In Bridget Keehans short story “Sorry for the Loss” (2010). A young female prison chaplain confronts Victor, who is a young prisoner and condemned for murder. Evie, the female chaplain, is the one who has to tell Victor about his grandmothers passing.

The short story is set at a prison, but we are not given the name or place to where the prison is. We know that the prison is in a town, (p.2 l 47) where she says that she can see the road that leads out of town, and she can see office workers and shoppers on the parking lot, and wonders if they can see her. The main character Evie has been working in the prison as a chaplain for about a year, and does not yet feel safe in the prison. The atmosphere in the prison intimidates her and she feels extremely uncomfortable, because of the noise and the atmosphere. Evie is very religious and tries to meditate and feel safe whenever she has some quiet time, but as soon as the prisoners are unlocked from their cells she again feels uncomfortable and intimidated. Evie struggles to break the bad news to the prisoner Victor Zamora the bad news about his grandmothers passing, she is afraid of his reaction. Evie is very religious and prays and meditates whenever she has some time for herself.

There are many contrasts in the short story. One of the most important contrasts is the contrast between the prisoners and the life outside of the prison. The prisoners are locked up in the prison, and do not have any freedom. Which is why most of the prisoners often stand by the big window, where they can see the world outside of the prison walls. They can also see the free people walking in the streets, going to work and having a free life, to do what they want. The...
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