SOP for master of engineering

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I, Mashuque Enam , am applying to Murdoch University for the admission to Master of Engineering Program with specialization in the field of Instrumentation and control. My goal is to pursue a career in research, either in industry or in academia As a Statement of purpose of my graduate study, I describe here my academic background, research interests and career goals.

Academic Background

At the teenage, I was excessively fond of playing cricket and there was no balance between study and cricket. When I learned how to balance between different activities, I didn’t look back and effectively raised my GPA from my junior high school to my higher secondary exam from 3.94 to 4.20 in a scale of 5.00. Hence, for this I worked really hard both mentally and physically. This strength of balancing grows in combination with confidence and ability to stick to the task. As a result, after university admission test I got a chance to be a student of Electronic and Telecommunication Engineering under Electrical Electronic and Computer Science (EECS) Department in North South University, one of the nation’s premier institutes. Finally, after completing my graduation, I achieved 3.30 CGPA in a scale of 4.00.

I am of the opinion that research requires a firm grounding in theory backed up by an in-depth knowledge of systems and implementation. My performance in lab courses proves to my knowledge of systems and programming. My strengths are my consistency, capacity for hard work, and my ability to work in a team. I have been involved in many course projects which involved a group of students, and I have been the team leader in quite a few of these. I believe that research involves new ideas, as well as consistent effort to back them up, both of which I am capable of.

Research Topic & Background

In my final year, I joined hands with two other students to undertake a project. Our project consisted of designing a Smart Energy Meter. The...
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