Sop for Bacholers

Topics: Engineering, Mechanical engineering, Professional Engineer Pages: 2 (527 words) Published: August 22, 2013
Statement Of Purpose
Applicant: Chirag Mohanty

This ensuring statement of purpose is to put forth my aspiration to pursue my career through Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering at your esteemed University. I have always been very passionate about engineering, since my father is also an engineer he is my role model and I want to follow his footsteps. I have always been fascinated by this mechanized world and have always wanted to add a gear of my own to it. Mathematics and physics have always intrigued me, and hence I developed a keen interest in these subjects. In elementary school also my favorite subject was always general science and gradually over the years I had decided to pursue Mechanical engineering as my undergraduate major. My father always says that a mechanical engineers are the base of any industry, may it be automobile industry, design firms, or any industrial mainframe. He quotes “We can build anything from scratch and put forth a magnificent contrivance.” This inspired me and urged me to want to build a firm dealing with mechanical instruments and devices. I want to specialize in automobiles so that I can pursue my dream of being a proud owner of a car brand of my own. I want to study in your esteemed university to become an able engineer as well as an entrepreneur. Thanks to the “Sandwich year program” I would be able to get a firsthand experience of the “real world”. Mechanical engineers are employed in a growing number of areas, including aerospace, automotive, biomechanics, computer systems, electronic entertainment, energy, environmental, health care, manufacturing, nuclear technology, and utilities. So I will get a lot of experience thanks to the program. I obtained 88% marks in my 10th grade examination and awaiting the 12th grade results. In this competitive world I would have to do something different to stand out, and since the base of sticking to a good position in the competition is good education which in your esteemed university...
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