Son of Satan

Topics: American films, Black-and-white films, English-language films Pages: 2 (479 words) Published: August 25, 2013
Son of Satan
By Brian Jensen 1 N
Son of Satan is about an 11 year old boy who is the narrator, and his 2 buddies Hass and Morgan. They are smoking and talking about another boy named Simpson who told them that he has fucked a girl under the narrator’s garage. They agree to beat him up and walk to Simpson’s place, hit him a couple of times in his stomach and force him to go with them to the narrator’s backyard. They agree that Simpson is guilty of lying and has to be hanged by the neck, and he therefore is. The 3 boys runs away but the narrator goes back and lets Simpson down, he take a long walk and then return to his home where his father is waiting for him, they have a short conversation and then the narrator is getting beat up by his father.

Characterization of the narrator and his relationship to his father The narrator is the leader in a small gang of tree boys in the ages 11-12. The narrator is a round non developing character because we know a lot about him from the text, but he isn’t changing through the story. I believe that the narrator is insecure about himself and therefore is afraid to show any weaknesses to his friends. ”I didn’t want to go on with it any longer……but I was the leader and I was going to have to fight Hass afterwards and I couldn’t show any weakness” (P. 42, L. 25-28) This shows me that he actually isn’t as tough and stupid as he want to be and that the peer pressure is forcing him to act like this. As soon as his friends is gone he goes back to Simpson and helps him (P. 43, L. 5-9) also he feels bad afterwards ”I felt as if my life was over” (P. 43, L. 22) and “I felt as if I had done something very bad” (P. 43, L. 25-26) which shows me that he actually regret what he have done. The narrator clearly has a bad relationship to his father, when he describes him, he only tells what he doesn’t like about him. “My father was a big man, six feet two and one half. He had a big head, and eyes that hung there under bushy...
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