Some people prefer to get up early in the morning and start's. Others prefer to get up later in the day. Which do you prefer? Use specific reasons and examples to support your choice.

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Have you ever wondered why Bill Gates always get up early everyday to start his work even though he is the richest man in the world, so he can do whatever he like? Obviously he can enjoy his life, but he get up early for other reasons. I admit the we feel comfortable when we lie on the bed in the morning, but there are more important things than in our life.

Fist, get up early can help we have more time to enjoy the life as well as ensure our health. For waking up late, we will no time to prepare our breakfast. Thus, people who get up late often tend to skip their breakfast and wait for lunch. Many researches say about the progressive effects of breakfast for health. Therefore, get up early help us have enough time to prepare your breakfast, so we will be more healthy and energetic than people without the breakfast. On the other hand, get up early not only helps us healthy but also makes us more lucid and optimistic than by doing exercise because the fresh air in the morning is a good condition for us providing energy for the brain and your mentality. A healthy body and good spirit are the best conditions for preventing disease and improving health. Therefore, I always get up early and go jogging on the part near my home every morning, so with a mental comfort , I always feel more active and enthusiastic during day.

The most important reason of getting up early for is my work everyday because get up early means us do not have to hurry up or fear no on time. When us get up early, us will have more time and more leisure than to take a shower, arrange tidy home, or simply take a look the missed things last night, and listen to the morning news. Nowadays, everyone is really busy with the lives, so early morning is the period time of the day to sip a cup of coffee before starting a new day. For example, I have to go to school early in the morning, so I always get up at 5:40 am. I do exercise about 15 minutes, so I feel refreshed and energetic. After that, I

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