Some Dreamers of the Golden Dream: Imagery

Topics: Morality, San Bernardino, California, Ethics Pages: 2 (751 words) Published: October 8, 1999
Some Dreamers of the Golden Dream: Imagery

In "Some Dreamers of the Golden Dream," the author Didion uses fiery imagery to parallel the San Bernardino Valley to hell.  It is a place where the "hills blaze up spontaneously," and "every voice seems a scream." (p.3)  Didions hellish descriptions of the geography reflect the culture of San Bernardino Valley.  It is "where the hot wind blows and the old ways do not seem relevant, where the divorce rate is double the national average." (p.4)  In this culture, the importance of  the "old ways," such as a long-lasting marriage, are devalued.  It is a society where the "dream [is] teaching the dreamers how to live," (p.17) and where reality doesn't

hamper peoples obsessions and greediness. 
In the essay "Some Dreamers of the Golden Dream," the San Bernardino Valleys self-indulgent culture devaluates societys morals and ethics such as religion, law, love, and life.

In the San Bernardino Valley, tele-evangelism, Christian gospel spread through television, is prominent.  It is "the California where it is easy to Dial-A-Devotion, but hard to buy a book." (p.4)  It is a society where anyone with money can buy a devotion to God with the dialing of a number.  The usage of religion as a money-making business defiles the sanctity of societys most sacred and cherished belief.  However, money is made so morals and ethics are ignored.  Another example of this immorality is Edward Foley, Lucilles Millers attorney.  He says, "We dont want to give away what we can sell," (p.27) referring to information about Lucille Miller and the death of her husband.  Edward Foley, a man only looking to benefit himself, shows no respect or regard for the Lucille Miller tragedy.  Two people are killed and one person is sent to an institution for life; yet, Edward Foley tries to utilize this opportunity to make money for himself.

Another example of a depreciation of societys principles is the scene for Lucille Millers...
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