solid mechanics

Topics: Shear stress, Force, Continuum mechanics Pages: 12 (1675 words) Published: February 25, 2014

Qatar University

Mechanical and Industrial Engineering Department
MECH 223

Solid Mechanics L51
Spring 2013

Term Project

Group no. (6)

Course Instructor: Dr. Mohammed Al-Qaradawi
T.A: Eng. Salim Mohandes

Group members: Amal Bsaisu201002072
Nada Mamdouh 201105374
Nazha Ghadban 201104186
Ola Al-Masri201103017
Samar Nasr201000137

Due Date: 3-6-2013


In this project we were asked to select an object (L shaped), and apply the outcomes of Solid Mechanics course on it. First of all we have formed a group of five students, and then we have decided to choose a street-light found in one of the university internal streets, so we can apply the required objectives that we are asked for. The project’s main objective was to apply different types of stresses and loads on the street-light. The project was accomplished sequentially by applying each topic that has been taken in the class. The calculations’ procedure will be shown in this project document in details.


All objects in life are subjected to certain type of force(s), in which the weight force is the common one for all objects in life. For our term project, our main force that affects our object is the wind force. Moreover, certain types of loadings are applied to our object. The loadings that the project is concerned about are the following: Centric load, which is a load applied perpendicular to the neutral axis of abeam or column. The load acts through the geometric center (centroid) of gravity. Torsion, which is the twisting or wrenching of a body by the exertion of forces tending to turn one end or part about a longitudinal axis while the other is held fast or turned in the opposite direction; it is the state of being twisted. Eccentric loading, a load on a column or pile which is non-symmetric with respect to the central axis, therefore producing a bending moment. Transverse loading is also applied. Which is a force applied perpendicular to the longitudinal axis of a member, such as a wind load, that causes the member to bend and deflect from its original position, with internal tensile and compressive strains accompanying the change in curvature of the member. Transverse loading also induces shear forces that cause shear deformation of the material and increase the transverse deflection of the member. There was also a bending moment - exists in a structural element when a moment is applied to the element so that the element bends.


1. To apply centric loading affecting the base of the shaft from the shaft weight. 2. To apply torsion produced by the wind force, make a reasonable estimate for the force. 3. To apply bending moment created by the force of the wind causing the bending at the bottom of the shaft. 4. To apply eccentric loading caused by the weight of the horizontal object off the shaft centroid. 5. To apply transverse shear generated by the force of the wind. 6. To use stress transformation to obtain principal stresses and maximum shearing stress for two points 90 degrees apart on the base of the shaft.

Abbreviations used in Matlab software:

Stands for
Outer diameter
Inner diameter
Total height
Volume of the vertical part of light
Mass of the vertical part of light
Force of the weight (vertical part)
Area of the cross section
Centric stress
Distance from force of the weight to the edge of the vertical part (Estimated) x
X1 plus the radius ()
Force of the wind
Torque caused by wind
Radius of cross section
Shear stress caused by the wind (Torsion)
Moment of inertia
Force of the weight on the horizontal part (Estimated)
The total force of the weight multiplied by x (causes eccentric bending)...
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