Solar System Nebular Hypothesis

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Solar System Nebular Hypothesis.
According to the nebular hypothesis, these clouds collapsed from some kind of turbulence that caused it to heat up and eventually turn into a star. My understanding of the origin and evolution of the solar system is still very limited. Development is made by pushing through the scientific process of hypothesis, prediction, measurement, theory, and hypothesis. However, there is still a lot of guesswork to be tested before we can really talk about a real theory of solar system formation. Researchers believe that the solar system was formed when the blast of a nearby star called a supernova disturbed a cloud of gas and dirt in space. This burst made waves in space that held the cloud of gas and dust. Crushing made the cloud start to fall, as gravity dragged the gas and dirt together, creating a solar nebula. Eventually, the cloud grew warmer and heavier in the middle, with a circle of gas and dirt surrounding it that was hot in the middle but cool at the edges. As the circle got thinner and thinner, molecules began to attach together and form clumps. Some clumps got bigger, as molecules and small clumps stuck to them, eventually developing planets or moons. Near the midpoint of the cloud, where planets like Earth formed, only stony material could stand the great heat. Frozen matter settle down in the outer areas of the circle along with rocky material, As the cloud continued to fall in, the center eventually got so hot that it became a star, the Sun, and blew most of the gas and dust of the new solar system with a strong solar wind. Researchers have found that the solar system is about 4600 million years old! According to the witness explanation in Genesis, God created the earth on Day 1, and the sun and moon on the Fourth Day, most likely along with the planets. However, evolutionists refuse a Creator a hypothesis based on conclusions or judgments previously assumed, so they needed to come up with another...
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