Solar Panel

Topics: Greenhouse gas, Question, Carbon dioxide Pages: 3 (874 words) Published: November 16, 2012
The local council of Greenville recently made a proposal for all houses and businesses to install solar hot-water systems by 2010. Houses and businesses that who have not installed solar hot-water systems by then would be charged a “greenhouse levy”. However some residents have expressed anger over the proposal. “Solar Sellout” published in a local newspaper, an opinion piece and its accompanying cartoon written Bob Walsh, contends that the proposal which aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions is not appropriate for the small suburb of Greenville. Walsh uses a sarcastic and angry tone which is quite personal, and aims to clearly outline why the proposal by the government is a bad idea.

Walsh manipulates the reader by using a series of techniques to convey his point of view. The first technique which stands out is the headline, and the use of a graphic. The headline ‘solar sellout’ is conveying the meaning that the proposal will be exactly that, a “sellout”. The cartoon stands out instantly due to its size and placement on the page. The image portrays the character of the Mayor. He’s depicted to be a person of obvious wealth, shown by the ‘bling’ worn around his neck and his incredible size. The size of the Mayor also gives the impression that he’s a force to be reckoned with and that the population of the town don’t have a chance of standing up to him. The image shows the two classes of wealth present in the town, one, being the rich, represented by the large, well-kept houses both with solar panels on the roof, yet also clearly the minority. Then the working class which is represented by the collection of smaller houses that aren’t able to afford the panels. The reader then sees the families living in the less attractive houses being forced to pay the Mayor their well-earned money.

Wash uses a series of techniques to emphasise his point of view. He commences with emotive language like “… become a captive of the radical environmentalists” who have made...
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