Soil Profile

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The assignment is to compare and contrast 4 soil profile from field observation. -------------------------------------------------
Geography Assignment
Soil Profile

Geography Assignment

Title: Soil Profile

Aim: To Compare and contrast 4 soil profile to each other and also to the true soil profile.

Date:12th October 2012


Soil is a natural body of animal, mineral and organic constituents differentiated into horizons of depth, which differ from the material below physical make up, chemical properties and composition and also biological characteristics.

Soil forms the surface layer of the earths crust. The development of soil is a constructive process in where disintegrated material resulted from weathering of rocks and minerals get converted into the soil body.

Soil profile is the vertical section of soil showing the various layers from the surface to the unaffected parent material. The soil contains three main layers.

The surface soil or that layer of soil at the top which is liable to leaching and from which some soil constituents have been removed is known as horizon A or the horizon of eluviation.
The intermediate layer in which the materials leached from horizon A have been re-deposited is known as horizon B or the horizon of illuviation.The parent material from which the soil is formed is known as horizon C.

The different soil horizons differed due to the colour change form one part to another.

Soil Profile
Diagram of the true soil profile

From the field study practical, on the 20th September 2012, four different soil samples were looked at. Each soil sample had a bit of difference from each other. Inserted is a map that shows the location where each soil sample was taken from. Soil Profile of soil sample A- it contained a topsoil depth of 6cm and a subsoil depth of 18cm giving a total depth of 24cm. the depth showed sign...
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