Soil Report

Topics: Soil, Silt, Erosion Pages: 1 (388 words) Published: October 23, 2014

Dulce Romo
October 20, 2014
1st Period
Mr.MayesSoil Texture Lab Report
Soil texture is one of the most important physical properties of soils. Soil texture is related to a number of important soil characteristics such as water holding capacity, soil drainage, and soil fertility. In order to make this lab work to our own convenience we will use soil from our nearby area. This project was conducted to specify what type of soil there is in the area and what it can be used for. Agriculturist may be able to use a similar experiment to know what crops grow better on certain soil or what the best soil to grow their plants on is. The three pure soil textures clay, sand, and silt are the best and whichever is most likely to work best on any plant that needs it. Materials

•100 mL graduated cylinder
•150 mL beaker
•Two soil samples
•Liquid soap
Fill the graduated cylinder with 25 mL of your soil sample.
Add 75 mL of water to the graduated cylinder.
Add a spoon of liquid soap.
Cover the graduated cylinder with your hand and invert several times until the soil is thoroughly mixed. Place the cylinder on the table and let it settle for approximately 30 minutes. Once the soil has settled, there should be 2 distinct layers. Measure the volume of each layer and the total volume of the sample. Calculate the percentage of each layer.

Use the soil texture pyramid to identify the type of soil in your sample. Hypothesis
I predict that soil samples number 1 will have a higher percentage of sand than sample 2 because the soil from sample two was looser. They both came from two different places, so I think they will come out to different types of texture. Calculations

Volume of layer 1&2 x 100% = % of sand, silt or clay Total volume of soil
Soil Sample % Sand % Silt % Clay Soil Texture
1 60% 0% 40% Sandy Clay
2 50% 50% 0% Silty Loam
In conclusion my two different soil...
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