Software Project Management

Topics: Project management, Critical path method, Program Evaluation and Review Technique Pages: 7 (2084 words) Published: January 18, 2013
Midterm Exam
BCIS 6255
Fall 2012

1. What is the role of a project manager? What are the suggested skills for the information technology project managers? How are the skills for IT/IS project manager different from those of other project managers? Answer –

The role of the project manager is very important for the success of the project as he will be responsible for the start and end of the project. Project manager may have different job titles but it also depends on the organization and project. Project manager should be able to coordinate and plan the project along with the team members. Scheduling is decided by the project manager according to the needs of the project. Scope would also be decided by the project manager and the leads for the project. PM is responsible for the motivating the team whenever necessary. Most of the projects are successful because of a good/experienced PM. Also, PM is the one who is responsible for managing, prioritizing and developing and implementing IT to meet the goals of the project. To complete a project in given time, with good quality and within the cost, PM should be responsible for gathering the requirements, planning, estimating the budgets and should be able to work with the resource providers swiftly.

PM should have diverse skills and he should be able to withstand all the changes that occur during the project. PM should be able to understand the organizations project and should be able to deliver the goals accordingly. Good PM is knowledgeable about the doings, and will be able to manage the project which has uncertainty, speedy changes and surprises. A good PM is always a good listener and should be able to take decisions by managing the team where there is no difference of opinions. PM should be able to analyze the team and set goals and distribute the project according to the expertise of the team members. PM should always have a clear vision and should try and always motivate the team members by being positive, energetic, flexible and creative. A PM will have the qualities of a manager and a leader as PM will be taking care of the day-today operations and also long term goals are focused by the leader inspiring the team to complete the project with good attitude.

The demand for the IT executive/PM’s would be more in the coming years.

2. What makes an IT/IS project different from other types of projects? How should a project manager adjust to these differences? Answer –
There are different attributes that are involved in different kinds of project. We can compare the uncertainty involved in IT and other projects. Also, there can be a comparison between sophistication of workers. There are different levels. The plan of the IT project differs from the other projects. For example, days of research and the hours involved in the maintenance are included. In the IT projects we include different software’s and work according to the needs of the client. The technology can keep changing, and if the technology has been improved, then the technology should be updated by the company who is responsible for the project. While in other projects involved in different areas, this cannot be the case. In IT/IS projects we always involve the customer/client and keep changing the project according to the needs of the respective client. If the company may not be able to deploy what is needed by the client, then it can lead to dissatisfaction and then the project can be handed over to a different company or can be withdrawn. Other projects in different fields are not so sophisticated. Also, as the customer/client is involved in the IT/IS project, then there can be a time pressure. Different factors wherein the IT/IS projects can be different from other projects are – scope, uncertainty of risk, importance of time as the client is involved, cost, new technology, commitment and planning.

PM should require different skills which are required for different situations. PM...
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