Sociology Essay 1. Writing and Research Skills

Topics: Sociology, Socialization, Multiculturalism Pages: 4 (1395 words) Published: March 22, 2012
Sociology essay 1. Writing and Research Skills (Mark 15%)

Date of Submission: 4th November 2009

Socialization can be defined from a dictionary as “ a continuing process whereby an individual person acquires a personal identity and learns the norms, values, behavior and social skills appropriate to his or her social position”. Socialization is a continuous life process, but is in general divided into two very distinct groups: primary socialization and secondary socialization. But has socialization changed over the years? If so, what has been the driving force behind this change? Could it be because of the difference in the primary socialization in the home? Or perhaps the multicultural society in which we now live? Socialization occurs throughout life but is most effective in infancy and early childhood. Primary socialization occurs in the home between the parent and child. It is a process by which a child learns the cultural norms from their parents. Primary social groups are small intimate groups which include family, close friends, work colleagues and neighbors. It is from everyday group living with the family that a child gets his or her first introduction to acceptable norms of behavior, values, and morals. Ely Chinoy, in a 1960s standard textbook on sociology, says that socialization serves two major functions: On the one hand, it prepares the individual for the roles he is to play, providing him with the necessary repertoire of habits, beliefs, and values, the appropriate patterns of emotional response and the modes of perception, the requisite skills and knowledge. On the other hand, by communicating the contents of culture from one generation to the other, it provides for its persistence and continuity. —Chinoy, 1961: 75 The parent or guardian also passes on their views on language, customs, and religion in a comfortable informal way. The family acts as an agent of social control by teaching its members right from wrong and punishing it’s members...

Bibliography: Multicultural Education as Social Activism- Christine E. Sleeter. This book links a strong theoretical framework with reports of a person’s journey in trying to understand race, gender, class and their control on identity, personal experiences and our teachings. This book incorporates debates about multiculturalism, within the U.S and other English speaking countries, and whether or not change has occurred over time.
Understanding family policy-Shirley L. Zimmerman. Policy makers, social workers, family counselors, sociologists and social service professionals find in day-to-day living that this book is highly useful to them. It contains information and studies on a broad range of fields, such as: social work, family studies, child development and sociology.
What’s wrong with socialization? Stevi and Sue Scott. This extract outlines mainstream and feminist views on the concept of socialization and goes on to provide a critique of this approach.
Culture and power in the classroom- Antonia Darder. This book deals with the relationship between culture and power in the classroom and how strong a connection there is between culture, power and socialization.
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