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Topics: Culture, Sociology, Social class Pages: 3 (829 words) Published: February 25, 2013
AS Sociology Assignment 8
a) Educational triage is where schools sort people into different groups, determining which pupils will fail and pupils who will pass. They then focus on the pupils with potential to pass in order to improve the schools’ exam league table position. b) The pro-school subculture is where pupils placed in high streams tend to remain committed to the values of the school and gain status through academic success. Anti-school subculture where pupils placed in low streams suffer a loss of self-esteem and pushed into behaving badly. Another subculture is the Retreatists, they were pupils isolated from school and despised by the rebels. c) Marketisation creates competition between schools. It does this because parents can choose which school to send their child too, the school with the more pupils will receive more money to fund itself; this will therefore create a better impression of the school and more people will want to go there. However, this process can create social class differences. One way it can produce social class differences is because pupils that are of a lower social class-working class-parents will be unable to afford to live in a house that is in a nice area. This affects the school the pupil goes to because the school in the catchment area might not be as good because it won’t receive as much funding for good teachers and supplies. This is argued to produce inequality because the league tables for unpopular schools won’t show the students to be as high achieving as the students in popular schools; this is because of the limited amount of funding they receive for teachers. If the league tables show bad results then middle-class parents aren’t likely to send their children there, whereas, working-class parents may have to take their children there. However, some people believe that it does not create social class differences; it only gives parents more choice and creates diversity between schools. Those who...
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