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Sociology A-Level

This bridging work MUST be completed by the time you start your course and it will be assessed in September. The aims are for you to be ready to start learning at post 16 level. What do you do in your first year?

Exam Board: AQA - all exam, no coursework.
At AS two units are taught;
Unit 1 Families & Households (40% of AS)
Unit 2: Research methods in context to education (60% of AS). Summer Bridging Work- ESSENTIAL
Research topic: Is the position of men and women in the family equal? The Division of labour refers to the roles that men and women occupy within the family. Many types of division of labour exist and have changed over time. Task 1: Research the following types of division of labour and complete the table: Type of Division of labour

Statistics or studies that support the type of division of labour Instrumental role

Expressive role

Segregated role

Joint conjugal role

Symmetrical family

Patriarchal family

Matriarchal family

Dual burden

Triple shift

Find out the following: What are the definitions for each type of division of labour? Research either statistical evidence or sociological research that supports each type of division of labour – the evidence does not need to be recent. Create a table as seen above. Task 2: Write two statements; for and against the question “Is the position of men and women in the family equal?” You must include evidence to support your points, the definitions researched above and your own point of view. Each statement (for and against the question) should be at least one side of A4. You can also use newspaper articles to support your statements e.g. which gender is more likely to carry out domestic work? Childcare? Or paid employment? Does this suggest the family is or is not equal? Summer Bridging Work- RECOMMENDED

To look through the AQA website for A Level sociology. Go through past exam papers and familiarise...
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