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Socialization and Personality
SOCIALIZATION - is the process of fitting humans to the social group or society. Biological Foundation of Socialization
* Brain, nervous system, vision sensation, facial muscles, a tongue and a voice box. Basic objective of socialization
1. Is to fit the person to his soial & cultural environment through learning. 2. To learn the basic norms of the society.
3. to agree with the basic values, beliefs & share similar attitudes considered acceptable & ideal by the society & to obtained a personality or an identity that will make it easier for people to interact with him. Nature and Nurture or the biological make-up and the environment play a significant role in transforming a socializing individual. Stages of Socialization

1. Primary socialization - is the process of learning the basic skills, attitudes values and social roles for the entry of the individual to the human society. 2. Developmental socialization - is the stage when learning is towards the enrichment of already acquired skills, values, attitudes, knowledge and social roles. 3. Anticipatory socialization - is learning of skills, values, attitudes, knowledge & social orientation of a social status and social roles that the person will occupy in the future. When socialization agents fail to fit the individual in the cultural & social environment to which the individual lives, the individual becomes a threat to the society & to himself. Desocialization - is the compulsory process of discarding or unlearning the old habits, values, attitudes in an attempt to change the person’s self-concept because it is dyfunctional to the society and to the individual. Resocialization - is the process of learning new habits, attitudes, habits, beliefs, values, behavior and social roles different from that the person had in the past to fit into a new status or role that the person may or my not like to have that can happen at any time and...
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