Sociological Theories

Topics: Sociology, Public health, Max Weber Pages: 2 (414 words) Published: July 19, 2012
Sociological Theories
Introduction to Juvenile Justice/CJS240
July 11, 2012

Sociological Theories
A state, local, or federal program with elements that exemplify the application of social structure, social process and social conflict theories can be found in the public healthcare field. Advances in the contemporary social structure theories, social process theories, and social conflict theories, are found to be critical in the public healthcare field with the modernization of social change. With the development of such theories, it is imperative that the evaluation of understanding is engaged within social change. The integration of social theories into the public health field assert that the disadvantaged economic class are the only individual’s that benefit from these services as such resources are not needed for the upper class society. Formulation of program theories that take into account social determinants of health and the mobilization of diverse factors for change is a challenge for the application of social theory structures. According to Potvin, Gendron, Bilodeau, & Chabot (2005) “We believe advances in contemporary social theory that are founded on a critique of modernity and that articulate a coherent theory of practice should be considered when addressing these critical challenges”. Public health programs support the need for intervention in cases of psychosocial rehabilitation services and low threshold drug substitution treatment in supervised injection sites. As there is a need for innovation in public health especially with the illegal drug population growth, there are social determinants that contribute to the innovation of public health practices as traditional methods of public health remain at the core. Quality healthcare is a needed resource for everyday life; public healthcare is no exception. With updated advances in the promotion of quality healthcare and an in-depth understanding of public healthcare and the services they...
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