Sociological Aspects of the Mission

Topics: Sociology, Society of Jesus, Culture Pages: 3 (939 words) Published: March 19, 2011
Sociological Aspects of The Mission
The Mission contains several sociological aspects and concepts. Those concepts are social inequality, deviance, and subcultures. Social inequality is the social differences that exist whenever one group of people has different access to the rewards a society offers. Deviance is a variation from a set of norms or shared social expectations. Finally, subcultures are groups of persons who share in the main culture of a society but also have their own distinctive values, norms, and lifestyles. Social inequality, deviance, and subcultures are clearly recognizable and are the concepts most prevalent in the storyline of the movie. First, The Mission is a great example of social inequality. The Jesuits are trying to bring social equality and giving the Indians social mobility by allowing them to make money for themselves. However, the ruling class takes this brief attempt for some sort of equality from them. The social inequality is what motivates the Jesuits to build the Missions (as well as to convert the Indians). The social inequality leads to change, and in turn, also shows much progress. Sadly, this progress is destroyed by those in the ruling class. This conflict leads to an even bigger inequality in the society. However, the end of the movie shows a few Indian children who are not killed gathering a few things left over from the Mission. These children will lead to social change because they have remnants of the Mission physically and through what they were taught. Next, one concept seen in the movie is deviance. Roderigo serves as the best example of this concept. Several times throughout the movie he deviates from the set of norms his society sets for him. He is ruled by his social expectations in the beginning, but as the movie progresses, he seems to be less concerned with the standards placed before him and more concerned with what he feels is right. In the beginning of the movie, he is a slave trader and a very...
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