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The proposed business, “ForMenSuLa’s Crochet Products” will bring satisfaction to customers, who are looking for uniquely made bags, pouches, coin purse, cellphone holders and key chains. The business will provide the customers variety of choices, from small to the biggest and from with the most intricate designs to the simplest. This newly made kind of product will surely attract customers of different gender and ages. ForMenSuLa’s Crochet Products will benefit its owners and staffs through maintaining and improving their living needs and providing products to ensure customers satisfaction. The business will also contribute improvement for the government by the payment of taxes. 6.1. Contribution to the Economy

The proposed business will benefit the economy through providing employment. This will give the hired employees and their families their source of income for their living needs. That consumers income will help keep the economy stimulated. This business will support local workers as well as professionals and alleviate the need for local employment. It will also promote the creativity of the individuals, concerned in this project. The business will also contribute to the competition which will lower the price of the product but will maintain the quality of the products. 6.2. Contribution to the Government

As Filipino citizens, the business owners and business will pay their tax liabilities mandated by the law. Tax will help the government generate funds for the improvement public service and government projects. 6.3. Contribution to the Society

The proposed business will rebirth and revive the crochet industry in Daet that will give them another style, design and made from different materials that they used to like. ForMenSuLa’s Crochet business will keep this town interesting and will help add individuality and characteristics that will attract more tourists, which, in turn leads to money placed directly into the community....
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