Socioeconomic Status

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Christopher Purvis

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June 6th, 2013

Socioeconomic Status
There are a lot of studies surrounding ones status and its effects on ones psychology. I will be discussing what a Socioeconomic Status is defined to be, certain test and effects it can have on ones psychological being and also how it effects you in certain settings. I will break this down in to parts beginning with how it is defined, then I will move on to the effects and tests, and lastly I will explain how it effects people in certain settings.

Socioeconomic Status is mostly defined as a combined measurement of the work experience of an individual’s or their family’s economic and social state in relation to others based on their income, their education, and their current occupation. It is usually broken down into three categories such as High Socioeconomic Status, Middle Socioeconomic Status, and Low Socioeconomic Status. These categories are used to describe the three areas where an individual or family may fall. In studies it is show that those that fall into the Low SES (socioeconomic status) category tend to show signs of mental illnesses such as respiratory viruses, coronary disease, and schizophrenia. Certain work environments may cause these. As it comes to the mental health some say that the mental health issues may be the reason why they are in the social status they are in all together.

There have been tests that have shown that Socioeconomic Status could be a cause or lead to the development of dementia. Those with Low SES have shown to be more associated with a higher prevalence of dementia. They also show an increase in psychiatric comorbidity and a worse baseline of cognitive functioning. These test were based off the data of 217 patients seen in an Inner City Memory Disorder Clinic. They were analyzed with respect on demographic status, clinical status and SES. The results showed that there was a wide variation in the samples examined with respect to most...
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